The Signage Process, Design to Installation

Custom signage can help set your business apart from your competitors. Quality, on brand signage helps to convey the brand ethos, attract new customers, and increase sales. But what goes into creating bespoke signage for your business? We’re going to tell you about the three steps of the signage process from design to installation.

Signage Design

Trust Sanuk interiors processes for Signage designs. A process is very important

When designing signage for a business, you need to understand why you’re creating signage and what it’s purpose will be. Are you wanting to advertise your services, increase staff productivity or increase your brand awareness? Once you know ‘why’, it will make designing your signage that much easier.

The next step is to sit down with the designers to talk colour, layout, text etc. It’s important as the client, that you work closely with your chosen signage company to create something that reflects your brand and does its job.

At De-Signs, we understand how vital this part of the process is as it’s our job to help the client bring their vision to life. We often create multiple design visuals that are sent to the client for feedback. We will then talk to the client about any tweaks they want making before presenting the final design.

Signage Supply

Once your design is finalized, it’s time to create your signage.

As a sign company who supplies our customers signage, we know how important it is to use only the best materials. The material used will affect how your signage lasts over the years so it’s worth paying a little bit more to ensure your signage is of the highest quality.

Not only does high quality materials make your signage looks even more professional but it saves you money in the long run as you’re not having to replace it as often.


The last step of the signage process is installation.

It’s really important that your signage is installed correctly as it can not only affect the final look, but how well your signage lasts.

Any signage company worth their salt will have a fully insured team of experts to install new signage or replace existing signage. A De-Signs, we pride ourselves on the efficiency of our installs, especially when installing exterior and interior signage on site.

When going into a business to install wall graphics or when replacing fascia signage, we know how important it is to keep any distributions to a minimum. Our team are in and out, leaving the client with beautiful, new signage.

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